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The Importance of Inclusive Play 0

May 14, 2024

Bringing people together is a formidable task, often underestimated in its complexity yet immensely rewarding when accomplished. Eidos Architects, in collaboration with Palace Construction and Lime Green Design, embarked on a mission alongside Denver Public Schools to design a new vibrant, inclusive, and engaging adaptive playground at DCIS Fairmont. This endeavor presented a myriad of challenges but also unparalleled opportunities for community engagement. From the outset, the project prioritized inclusivity, with Design Advisory Group meetings involving the very students who would use these playgrounds, allowing them to articulate their desires for spaces that embraced everyone.

Further enriching the process, elementary students were invited to unleash their creativity in a workshop, crafting butterfly artwork destined for the playground’s welcoming portal. Transcending the traditional boundaries of education, the project extended its reach to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) students at CEC, who skillfully translated these youthful visions into tangible structures through their welding expertise. Such collaboration didn’t end there; it ignited a ripple effect across disciplines, with Criminal Justice and Media students eager to contribute, fostering a sense of unity that reverberated throughout the entire school and DPS community.

In the end, the playground stands not only as a physical space but as vibrant testament to the power of collective effort and shared vision in nurturing inclusive communities.

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